Top 10 American golf courses


Remember when golf was supposedly “dying”?


Seems like a bad dream farfetched. In less than three years, the game has gone from simply surviving to thriving. Play times require more advance planning than they have since the early 2000s as today’s golfers play more than ever before, and curious golfers find themselves hooked, just as we always told them they would if they tried the game.

More golfers playing more rounds means more discerning enthusiasts leaving more reviews on GolfPass for playing partners past and future to use in making wise decisions about where to play next. In 2022, for the second year in a row, we’ve processed over 315,000 course reviews from golfers like you, bringing us one step closer to a major milestone: two million reviews in our site’s history, which should happen in the next few months.

But for now, we’ve taken the collective wisdom of the thousands of golfers who reviewed the courses they played in 2022 and compiled dozens of helpful lists, titled This: The 50 Best Courses in the United States.

Our list looks a little different than some of the other lists you may see in other golf magazines and websites. That’s because instead of handpicked groups of insiders, we let golfers like you decide. The opinions of experts and critics are also valuable, but they are only part of the story.

The rest is where you come in.

When you and your fellow golfers leave honest reviews – whether solely or comprehensive ratings of your written thoughts about your course playing experience – every other golfer benefits. You provide the game with a great service, and we are honored that you will take the time to use our platform to do so.

How GolfPass determines golfers’ choice of the 50 best public golf courses in the United States

First of all, to be eligible for this list, a golf course must a) be accessible to the public (including semi-private courses and resorts) and b) receive at least 10 reviews in the previous year. Just for some perspective, over 7,424 courses worldwide received at least one review in 2022, but less than half of those were eligible.

In determining the final ranking for the year, we evaluate several factors, each of which corresponds to the way our reviews are structured:

General evaluation
– Values
– Circumstances
– Planning
– Speed ​​of play
– Friendly staff
Off-course amenities

You will notice that we provide green fee information with these course ratings as well. As you look through the list it should provide some context for how golfers view individual courses. Lower green fees tend to indicate a more value-oriented course that consistently exceeds golfers’ expectations, while the higher value courses on this list are upscale resort or public layouts that deliver the promised experience.

This year’s Top 50 features an eclectic mix, from bucket-list resort layouts to hidden mom-and-pop public courses and even some outstanding venues in the commune. Also shown is a university course from one of the permanent football universities. It may also be your turn at home. Or a course you will love on your travels this year.

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