Trading eagles are already circling bears in Chicago

One of the best things to come out of the Bears’ first-week win over the 49ers is how he stopped some of the whispers of trade in the vicinity of football in Chicago.

Where is Robert Quinn? Rochuan Smith would be best suited to play for which team? Could Teven Jenkins use a change of scenery with which team?

Although the hypotheses are fun to interact with from time to time, at some point they get tired. So it was nice, if only for a moment, to kick that in the way and put it out of sight and out of mind.

Unfortunately, the loss to the Packers in prime time re-ignited some of those conversations.

For example, Christopher Knox (Ovarian Report) established a large NFL Commerce block board. The idea behind this exercise is simple enough. First, identifying which teams are in the league can be ideal for players who are logical business goals. Second, identify the top players most likely to go elsewhere before the league’s November 1 trade deadline. And in this piece, Bears slasher Robert Quinn tops the list because of course he does.

The Quinn name has been in the trading rumor mill ever since Kick Bears started the rip/rebuild process through Khalil Mac’s trading. And while the Bears may not have been actively shopping for Quinn, there’s been a lot of hype to suggest that interested bands are keeping an eye on her.

With that in mind, I suppose it’s worth sharing that Knox sees Brown and the Raiders as the most appropriate (if Quinn can be used in commerce). The Bears have been open about not publicly shopping for Quinn, but I wonder if there was a Godfather deal so good that GM Ryan Poles couldn’t turn it down. And for what it’s worth, Quinn’s deal could open up time to play Travis Gibson and Dominic Robinson, who were the two top pass forwards behind Quinn – all while the free agent jumped the addition of Quadan Muhammad early.

The thing about trading season is that there are always sudden moves that appear out of nowhere. and as Knox strikes again with another post suggest Six trades have to happen, he presents one that I think the bears would make if he made the same Bears-Bengals assumption:

  • Bears get: 2023 Sixth Round Pick
  • Get Bengals: Goalkeeper Michael Scofield

Leaving Bengals singer’s reconstructed bears may be close to a prison break for some. And for Chicago, a deal like this could be outright stealing. Schofield is set to start after signingbut the Bears cut it while reducing the list to 53. He returned to rejoin the team in September When Alex Leatherwood went to the non-football injury list. It’s possible Schofield is just a temporary placeholder—albeit, someone with extensive starting experience and versatility. With that in mind, the Bears should be ready to pounce on a deal if any team calls. Especially if it offers significant compensation for choosing a draft against a reserve in a one-year deal.

All this to say: We’re too early in the season to be too deep in the business chatter. But that deadline comes quickly, so it doesn’t hurt to explore the market before it opens. The NFL trade deadline is 40 days. The Bears have six matches to play before the deadline is reached. What this team looked like by that time is unknown. Then again, what it will look like next is that too.

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