Trevor Bauer loses motions in Lindsey Hill defamation lawsuit


Trevor Bauer and Lindsey Hill


A federal judge on Wednesday incurred two losses to suspend the Major League Baseball player Trevor Bauer in a defamation suit against the woman who accuses him of sexual assault, concluding that another judge never exonerated the former Dodgers of wrongdoing as his attorneys claim.

In the first substantive rulings of Bauer’s three related lawsuits, U.S. District Judge James in Silna He granted a motion to set aside Bauer’s claims against him Lindsey HillEx lawyer Niranjan “Fred” Thiagaraja from Newport Beach. He also denied Bauer’s request to have Hill’s counterclaims directed against him, writing that he lacked clarity from previous state court proceedings as to what really happened between the two.

While Los Angeles County Court Judge Diana Gold Saltman In August 2021, Hill’s request for a restraining order against Bauer was denied by Hill, and Selna said, “It is not at all clear that she found that Bauer did not beat or sexually assault Hill.”

Selna said the judge found Hill’s restraining order petition “materially misleading,” but his order also includes her reasoning: “because it overestimated the extent of Bauer’s contact with Hill after their interaction on May 12.”

Bauer recounts many of Judge Gold Saltman’s recitations of evidence, with particular emphasis on the judge’s musings regarding what Hale did or did not consent to. 13-page arrangement. However, the Court’s reading of Justice Gold-Saltman’s findings and reasoning does not lead to a ‘clear’ decision regarding the absence of abuse or the scope of consent.

the discrete, 16 page order Regarding Bauer’s allegations against Thiagaraja, he reiterates that conclusion, saying that Gold-Saltman’s decision to deny a permanent restraining order “was based on insufficient evidence of consent and threat of future harm, not on suspicions as to whether Bauer caused the ‘terrible’ injuries on Hill.” .”

“Judge Gold Saltman herself stated that Hill’s injuries were ‘horrendous’,” Selna wrote.

The two orders ended up rulings first issued by the judge as interim decisions before oral argument was heard in the Santa Ana courtroom, first on Nov. 7 on Thiagaraga’s motion to strike out Bauer’s allegations, and then on Monday on Bauer’s motion to strike out Hill’s counterclaims. Hill attended every session.

Hill, a San Diego native and baseball fan, met Bauer via Instagram in early 2021, and they had sex at his home in Pasadena, California, on April 21, 2021, engaging in acts of violence such as choking and beating, and then met again for more information. Sex May 16, 2021. Bauer says Hill agreed to everything, but Hill says the rough sex she requested escalated into unexpected violence that led to her passing out and waking up to Bauer “having violent, violent anal sex with her.”

“Hill used a ‘safe word’ that the two had previously agreed upon, and Bauer stopped,” according to Selna’s order negating Bauer’s strike motion. “Hill went to the hospital to be treated for the injuries she sustained as a result of this interaction.”

At the time, Bauer was a star for the Los Angeles Dodgers, and the temporary restraining order Hill obtained against him drew wide attention from journalists. Judge Gold Saltman declined to issue a more permanent restraining order, and the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s office declined to file charges against Bauer. But Major League Baseball suspended him for two seasons without pay in April.

In the same month, Bauer filed the current lawsuit against Hill and Thyagaraja, accusing both of defamation and Hill also of two counts of tortious interference with contract and potential economic benefit. hill counter suit, It was introduced August 9accusing him of sexual battery and battery.

Bauer is also suing the sports journalism site the athlete And the journalist Molly Knight for libel over their coverage of Hill’s accusations, with a US District Judge Michael W Fitzgerald In Los Angeles, she is currently considering defense motions for dismissal and strike action. In addition, Bauer has a defamation lawsuit in the Southern District of New York against G/O Media, Inc. Which owns Deadspin and Deadspin Managing Editor Chris Budd to cover them.

Silna A George W. Bush Designated, has already issued him Temporary order Thyagaraja’s motion to strike was approved under a California statute intended to protect free speech in public matters. He nullified the oral argument, but Bauer’s attorneys persuaded him to change his mind after it was filed on October 5 Point him out to a video They recently got it from the Pasadena Police Department.

In it, Hale, apparently filming herself, grins and smiles at the camera while panning to Bauer, who sleeps with his eyes covered. She captured the night of the second encounter, in which Hill claims she sustained her most serious injuries.

Hill’s attorneys said Thiagaraja should have known about the video when he told L.A Washington Post “There is no doubt that Mr. Bauer brutalized Hill,” but Selna said in court that he would not consider the video because it was submitted so long after the case had been fully briefed.

Based on the judge’s reasoning in Wednesday’s ruling, the video didn’t seem to have mattered, as Selna equated Thiagaraaga’s use of the word “brutal” with Gold-Saltman’s description of Hill’s injuries as “horrific.”

Selna concludes that all but one of Thyagaraga’s statements in question are factual, and the statement that does not represent a clear opinion made by Thyagaraga on Bauer’s decision to dismiss Hill’s allegations in a YouTube video while invoking his Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination to proceed is given by Gould-Saltman: “From It’s easy to deny that these things happened when you don’t have a chance to fully debrief them.”

“While Bauer is certainly entitled to exercise his Fifth Amendment privilege, Thyagarajah is similarly entitled to exercise his First Amendment privileges,” the judge wrote in a line first put forward in his initial ruling.

California law authorizes Thiagarajah to collect money from Bauer to cover attorneys’ fees and legal costs because he won a pretrial motion under California’s Strategic Claims Against Public Participation, known as the Anti-SLAPP Act. Thiagaraja’s lawyer has seven days to file an application.

(Photos: Bauer photo screenshot via his YouTube; Hill photo screenshot via video sent to US District Court)

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