Two owners in a rare condition at the penguin training camp on the first day

cherry – Evgeni Malkin is likely to complete his NHL career with the Pittsburgh Penguins, in what has been dubbed his second hometown. Just hours before the free agency began, two owners signed a four-year agreement with clauses making it takeover proof, essentially guaranteeing the penguins’ survival time.

On the first day of the penguin training camp, he was already in a rare state.

During the practice session, he colorized young defender Chris Ortiz with the outside, the inside, and then through the motion of Ortiz skate. It is also a verb similar to Mark Friedman. The owners were vintage.

In the locker room, Malkin was also in a rarity. He told the assembled media unit, “Sydney (Crosby) is there.”

When the PHN replied that we wanted him instead, he replied, “But I don’t want you!”

She smiled a big smile and laughter on Malkin’s face. It was a tough summer, even if he didn’t admit it. A day before the start of the NHL free agency, with teams eagerly awaiting Malkin’s arrival on the open market, he appeared to be doomed. The band of brothers was with him, Crosby and Chris LetangShe will end her 15-year career. But the night before free agency, two owners signed up.

Everyone breathed a sigh of relief before looking forward to what might seem like an unfinished business. The core of the Penguins has remained the same despite not winning the playoff series since 2018.

“We’re not veterans. We’re still young,” Malkin murmured to further laughter. “I understand that age is nothing. We have a lot of experience. This is important. We have young people and we are trying to help them. Be leaders.

Evgeny Malkin, forever

In fact, Malkin, Letang and Crosby, who escaped the locker room without dealing with the crowded media crowd, have more than one thing to prove. GM Ron Hextall gave a huge vote of confidence as well as important contracts to owners and Letang to keep the group together. If the team doesn’t win a playoff in the next few years, contracts will undoubtedly be seen as mistakes.

This conversation won’t erase the legacy of three Stanley Cups and a Hall of Fame, but the continued early exit from the final could leave a bad taste in the paying audience.

A great piece of the 2022-23 penguin puzzle will remain with two owners. He remains the other pillar of offensive production and the cornerstone of the team. Malkin missed half of last season and took another four to eight weeks to reach full speed after off-season knee surgery.

“The most important thing (this summer) was my knee. I feel good,” Malkin said. “I tried to rest a bit this summer. I went back to Russia a bit to see my friends. I went to Miami, worked there — this year, I’m back in training camp early to ski a bit more here.”

Despite his physique and playing only half a season, he still scored 42 points (20-22-42) in just 41 games. On the first day of Penguins training camp, Malkin is paired up with Bryan Rust and Drake Kajuulawho is unlikely to make the opening night roster but is a strong candidate to be a call-up due to his 278 NHL games.

The streak scored the first goal in the first day’s brawl when Cagiola finished off a rebounding opportunity past the goalkeeper. Casey Desmithalthough such things matter a little less than opinion polls years before the election.

“I fell here. I will stay here forever,” Malkin said. “… The team wanted me to stay here. It’s like my second home for sure. You know, I don’t want to move any team or any city.”

The first day of bootcamp is just the first step in a long and grueling journey that the teams hope will last into June. While the Pittsburgh Penguins are no longer the favorites for the Stanley Cup, nor are they everyone’s favorite, they still have one of the best threes in hockey history.

Yevgeny Malkin and his presence did not lose his teammates.

Yes, it is such a presence, especially for the center of the second line. “He’s a dynamic player that he has in this place – the harmony he brings with the players on this team and his personality off the ice,” said Brian Dumoulin. “He’s a guy who always keeps things light and a guy you want to be around. He’s just so honest. He’s so funny, he always has a joke… and you can see him when he gets older, he kind of opens up to the guys. I love being his teammate.”

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