Ty Law spares no one in his epic rant over the Patriots’ failed sideline play


Legendary former New England Patriots cornerback Tai Lo prepared an epic shoutout, following the embarrassing Week 15 loss to the Las Vegas Raiders at Allegiant Stadium on Sunday.


With three seconds remaining and the score tied in the fourth quarter, the Patriots made a play that ended in Rhamundry Stephenson throwing an onside pass to Jacoby Myers, who then attempted another onside attempt that was picked off and returned for the game-winning touchdown by Chandler Jones.

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Law gave the coaching staff a pass and noted that Coach Bill Belichick makes a point, more than any other coach he has, to teach football well. So this particular rant was directed only at the players involved.

“You have a chance to play another series. The strength of your team is defense,” Lu said, upon appearing. The Greg Hill Show. “How the hell can’t you get down? See Ramondry Stevenson’s base line? 172 yards, 19 carries. But nobody talks about him. But he’s the one who started the damn party. He’s the one who makes the first pass.”

Now Jacoby Myers had to look at that and say, ‘You’re a big puppet. What do you do?’ And the ball came down and he went down, but he said, “Oh, I guess it’s a party.” And he goes and does the same thing, and then he’s going to try to make it back to Mac Jones. I don’t know what kind of throwing it was. They say he was a midfielder. I can not say. I can see why he’s the wide receiver.”

Most had expected Lou’s yelling to end after both Stevenson and Myers had been pursued, but he was watching another player whom he considered directly responsible for the way the game ended.

And that player was Mack Jones.

After Chandler Jones picked off Meyers’ lateral pass attempt, Mack Jones had the opportunity to tackle in the open field, and did not go near it. The enduring image of the game is that the Patriots quarterback is hard armed in the dirt.

“Now, Mack Jones, let’s get over him. He must never have—I always talk about him, never, ever in his life,” said Law. “You know how you were born to play quarterback, and never played any other position in football? That was Mack Jones. That’s what it looked like in that intervention right there. That was absolutely terrible. It was embarrassing. I want to know if even at Pop Warner he played on the defensive side of the ball.”

The loss against the Raiders didn’t completely put the Patriots out of playoff contention, but it did significantly reduce their odds given that their last three games are against the Cincinnati Bengals, Miami Dolphins, and Buffalo Bills.

This is a huge uphill battle for a good football team, and one that the Patriots haven’t necessarily proven to be this season.

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