WAGs, images and king of Quail Hollow

Venus, Colin Morikawa, and Catherine Chu.

Layna Finau, Catherine Chu

Michael Jordan at the United Center. Tiger in Augusta. Aaron Rodgers in Lambeau. Claire Rogers on Instagram while Presidents Cup week.

Hello friends and welcome to my personal Olympics. Sure, I’m “looking forward” to playing golf this week, but let’s be honest, there’s nothing quite like the Presidents Cup (and Ryder’s Cup). We get to see the pros and their better halves all swoop in and get a behind-the-scenes look at life on the tour…for free!

Watching it all on social media is like going to a prom with the famous kids. Fortunately for you, I have collected the best of the best in one place. Let’s start things off with Team USA.

Team USA at the Presidents Cup Ceremony

I won’t lie, guys. Without Paulina Gretzky and Jenna Sims on Quail Hollow this week, I was a little nervous that we wouldn’t get a lot of Instagram content from WAGs. The Sims has always been my go-to for behind-the-scenes content in team events, and Paulina as well, Paulina. But fortunately, my feed still came alive. I’d like to personally thank Layna Finau for her leadership on the cause and providing plenty of photos and videos to try so far.

If not for her sharing of this post, I would have never realized that a handful of players on the US team showed up in the wrong uniform on Monday.

Alright, let’s get back to the party. Players, captains, and other important players headed to the President’s Cup reception on Tuesday night, and despite Xander Shoffeli’s expression, it looked like a great time.

Shaveli seemed to relax a bit as soon as he reached Kevin Kesner’s side.

In his press book on Tuesday, Jordan Spieth said Shovelli is the funniest man on Team USA. I have to admit that got me a little defensive Max Homa.

Check out these pictures of couples! First we have JT and Jillian Wisniewski.

Justin Thomas and Gillian Wisniewski

Justin Thomas

Next we have Nikki Gidesh and Patrick Cantlay, who were engaged two weeks ago.

Nikki Gidesh and Patrick Cantlay

Patrick Cantlay

The Schauffeles were there for Cantlay and Guidish’s engagement, so it’s true that they got a group photo at Quail Hollow as well.

Xander, Maya Schauffele, Nikki Guides and Patrick Cantlay

Maya Shaveli

I’ll focus (mostly) on the positives, but I’d be remiss if I didn’t take a sentence or two to question the half-dressed, half-sneaker-shoe pose the boys went through last night.

I do not like him. I’ll leave it at that.

Two-time lead champ Colin Morikawa could easily have been mistaken for a presidential candidate at last night’s party, and Layna Finau proved she’s the queen of soft smiles.

Justin Thomas, Gillian Wisniewski, Annie and Jordan Spieth

Presidents Cup

We here at Rogers Report would love to see PGA Tour pros double as Instagram takers, and it looks like Tony Finau has been pretty well trained.

Tony Finno works as a photographer

Presidents Cup

Finally, we all have American wives and girlfriends having some photo fun.

Team USA wives and girlfriends

Presidents Cup

international team

Well Well. Moving on to the international team, who definitely crushed the social media game this week. Mike Weir’s wife, Michelle, gave us this fun video featuring all of Team International’s wives and girlfriends.

And if you weren’t aware that Tom Kim is an international treasure, this video will prove it.

Kim is only 20 years old, and he’s a huge Adam Scott fan, and says he’s ready to talk about Scotty Scheffler but not Jordan Spieth this week.

So we have Adam ScottPossibly the best-looking person in all of North Carolina this week, he instructed his teammates on how to take the perfect photo of him. If you see this, Mr. Scott, I would like you to give my colleagues a similar lesson.

If you need me, I’ll count the days for next year’s Ryder Cup welcome party.

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