Warriors don’t back down, Steve Curry says “losing sucks” amid struggles


The Warriors still have the substance of a championship, but overall, the roster has spent the first three months of the 2022-23 NBA season Find an identity.


Gone are the habits built during last June’s NBA Finals and they need to be changed. So far, this year’s team hasn’t been able to put together good games. They found no consistency, and through 47 games, they were 23-24, 10th in the Western Conference entering the list of games on Monday.

It seemed as though the Warriors had found something this past week, with a win over the Washington Wizards, a hard-fought overtime loss to the Boston Celtics, and an impressive upset. Winning the Cleveland Cavaliers.

But the warriors savagely took a step back 120-116 loss to the Brooklyn Nets Sunday night at the Chase Center.

After the match, a frustrated Steve Curry did not mince words about the current state of the team.

“Losing is bad for whatever reason,” Curry told reporters. “Losing is a horrible feeling and we hate it. Because we’re over 23-24 points in the middle of the season, we’ve been through a lot of it, so we need to rein it in and do something about it. I feel like nobody’s letting go of the rope, nobody’s thinking we can’t Doing it. Again, it’s our challenge not to be in the position we’re in every night, explaining why we can’t get the job done.”

On several occasions this season, the Warriors have shown the fight and determination they have shown during their runs for the NBA title, but they haven’t been able to keep it. The latest indication that they have what it takes to defend the championship came Thursday in Boston when they nearly defeated the Celtics in a final rematch.

The next night, without Curry, Klay Thompson, Andrew Wiggins, Draymond Green, and Andre Iguodala, the Warriors managed to beat the Cavs, who didn’t have Donovan Mitchell. However, it was an impressive two-game stretch that garnered interest.

But despite all the progress they’ve had in the last two games of a five-game road trip, they pulled it all off with a loss to the Nets’ Kevin Durant on Sunday night.

Despite the quality of the teams Curry has captained over the past decade, he knows this is a different team with new pieces trying to build and build chemistry. However, the discrepancy is difficult to explain.

“I’m not sure, I just know, every year you have to prove you’re a good team and not just because we did what we did last year or the year before, we went up the stretch, we went 15-5 games over the last 20 games or whatever in years,” Curry told reporters. “Every year, you have to prove that you are a good team and everyone has to take that responsibility to do what it takes to get it done or you will have an empty season and no one is happy. So yeah, if we don’t do this, we’re going to prove we’re not a good team and I don’t think anyone buys into that or makes that the result of the season.”

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Curry and the Warriors have 35 games left to figure things out. They don’t like to lose, but if they don’t start winning matches, they won’t be in a good position to enter the playoffs, which makes it nearly impossible to properly defend their crown.

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