Warriors mailbag: Will they make NBA trade deadline moves?


the Golden State Warriors In the middle of two days of rest before they cap off their five-game road trip with games against Boston Celtics And Cleveland Cavaliers. Days off are perfect for two things: Visit the White Houseand mail bags.


So let’s move on to the latter. Thanks for the questions, everyone.

I don’t rule out this possibility, but I don’t expect it to happen often. I don’t think they’ll be able to get the kind of team-makers needed to get these guys off of them yet. They still rank highly over Jonathan Cuminga, Patrick Baldwin Jr., and Ryan Rollins. Trading James Wiseman would sell extremely low and give away someone Joe Lacob advertised at every turn. I doubt Musa Modi has enough commercial value to be a conversation piece.

No. The Warriors still have one open roster spot, which means if they do absolutely nothing, they can either sign a free agent or buy-out player, or they can convert Anthony Lamb (or Ty Jerome) to a real contract.

Now, obviously deals can complicate things. And the desire to get all of the lamb And Jerome’s roster before the playoffs could complicate matters. But strictly speaking, they could add Lamb to the roster, and make it eligible for the playoffs, without eliminating anyone.

I’m not sure I have one, to be honest. It is always difficult to say which players are on the trading block, and what it will cost to get them. I’m not sanguine about the commercial value of any players the Warriors would be willing to part with, so I don’t see anyone in the market as particularly achievable.

If I had to mold a player as a target, though… I know most Warriors fans demand a big hitter, but I’d pick a winger with defensive proficiency who can shoot. Basically Moses Modi but with the confidence of Steve Kerr.

On that note…

Kerr is somewhat famous for having the doghouse for players, especially young ones, when they make certain kinds of mistakes. It is not entirely clear what kinds of mistakes these are, but I think it is clear that Modi is not playing the way Kiir would like him to be.

One problem with Moody is that he doesn’t do much. His style is 3D – he’s not really a rebel, crosser, driver or cutter – so if the 3’ing or D’ing warriors don’t trust him, there’s no reason to ground him.

However, his lack of minutes is very strange.

I doubt it. The Warriors won a championship last year without a reserve position. Looney is an iron man, and their best line-up will always be Draymond Green at 5. In play-off matches, I expect Looney or Green 5 to play for every meaningful minute. If something happens to one of those two people, Kuminga, JaMychal Green, and maybe Wiseman can fill in the question.

No, I don’t think so. Baldwin was given minutes due to the sidelines of Cuminga, Ja Mitchell-Green, Andre Iguodala and Andrew Wiggins. He is still at the back of the depth chart when the team is healthy.

Like I said, he’s looked good in the shortstop, and I expect him to be an important part of the bench rotation next season. But for now, injuries are the only way he’s going to go to court in non-trash time.

First, I still think this team has the potential to be a very good defensive team without making any adjustments. The starting line-up has no reason not to be elite at that end of the field, and despite the fans’ anger towards him, the addition of Iguodala to the bench really helps.

The Warriors’ defensive issue was that their defense didn’t pick up. A year ago, they led the league in home garbage-time-adjusted defensive ratings, and were fourth in the league on the road. This year they are second in the league at home, and 28th on the road. So the defense is there, they just haven’t figured out how to put it on the plane.

For packs, we can rule out trading all the juniors together. Even if the Warriors wanted to (they didn’t), it’s very difficult to trade off a package like that, because you have to find a team that wants to allocate four roster spots to these unproven young players. Which means you start out with a bad team, but then you need a player in the $15 million range that the bad team is willing to dump. Nor do Warriors want a player in this price range unless that player is really good, in which case this bundle is nowhere near enough to make a bargain.

So maybe they have to scatter players, but it’s hard to trade players on entry-level contracts and get a lot in return, because of matching salaries.

Long story short, don’t expect any of the youngsters to play for new teams until next season.

They’re obviously stylistically different, but I can see a similar value to Khris Middleton’s. A player who makes the All-Star Game a few times, contributes to both ends of the field, will occasionally put up big numbers but doesn’t need to provide value, who do you want love Being your third best player, but also being the second best player on a really good team, providing the best player is a superstar.

Before you jump on me, was the question RoofNot expectation.

Next year, yes. This year, no.

I apologize for going the boring way, but I think they’re just standing still. I don’t think any player that is noteworthy for the price they are willing to pay will be available. I think they’ll sit on their hands, take a few calls, check out the acquisition market, and then turn Lamb or Jerome around.

Yes, the spark is missing, there’s no doubt about that. I hope that as the playoffs get closer, we’re starting to see more urgency. We’ve seen Draymond become more of a spark lately, and I think that could continue to increase. Clay is starting to find his rhythm really helping, too.

In the end I think they need to have a nice winning streak… like six to eight games or so… and that could heat things up.

Look, I’m not saying they should, but I’m not saying they should should not be Do that, either…

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