Wesneski has a clean run, the Cubs pitch on the Bucs 3-2

PITTSBURGH (AFP) Rookie Hayden Wisinski made an impressive debut on his second major league start to lead the Chicago Cubs to a 3-2 win over the Pittsburgh Pirates skater Thursday night.

Wisinski (2-1) gave up two runs and five hits in 6 1/3 innings as he hit six and walk two servings to Pittsburgh for his seventh straight loss. It was his fourth appearance in the majors.

Wesneski had a clean run in the fifth inning when he shot from the side across nine pitches. He cheered on the three bottom hitters: Jack Swinsky, Zach Collins, and Jason Delay.

“It’s crazy,” Wisinski said. “You start to think about it about pitch seven and eight, and then on pitch nine, you have to let it explode and make it happen. I was part of a college[in Sam Houston State]but that’s a lot different.”

It was the 111th game in the history of the Major League and the fourth in the history of the Cubs. The last Cubs shooter to achieve this feat was LaTroy Hawkins in 2004.

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