What pundits can expect from the Ravens-Jaguars Week 12 game


Here’s what critics are saying about the game:


The Crows would prevail in a close match.

The Baltimore Sun Childs Walker: The Ravens can’t afford a consistent performance against the Jaguars, who run the ball efficiently and fumble together on first down when quarterback Trevor Lawrence is in form. Jacksonville hasn’t been blown out all season, so expect nail-biters before the Ravens assert themselves with superior defense and more reliable special teams. “.

Maurice Mouton from Bleacher Report: Baltimore quarterback Lamar Jackson doesn’t have the playmaking wide receivers to attack Jacksonville’s secondary. Over the past four weeks, he’s only thrown three times with one interception. Tight end Mark Andrews poses the only persistent threat; Devin DuVernay has two catches for eight yards Over the last two games. With Gus Edwards still recovering from a hamstring injury, Baltimore won’t be able to claw its way to a big victory. The Jaguars lose with a home field goal.”

Chris Sims from NBC Sports: “I suspect [the Jaguars’] The defense gives Baltimore’s offense some problems. I think a lot of Baltimore’s defense the way they’re playing now – it’s good. Jaguar’s got a good balance. I think Jaguars will be hanging out in this game.”

Todd Karpovich from Sports Illustrated: “The Ravens have traditionally had a tough time with the Jaguars, and this game probably won’t be much different. Jacksonville plays hard and the leadoff seven against the Ravens will give them a challenge. Baltimore, however, has more depth and will pass Jacksonville on the road.”

Bold prediction: The Ravens won’t be going by double digits in a game for the first time this season.

Jamison Hensley from ESPN: Baltimore is only the sixth team in NFL history to lead by 10 or more points in each of its first 10 games of the season. But the Jaguars are a much more competitive team than their 3-7 record indicates, because they have an additional 11-point advantage. Jacksonville’s margin of defeat averaged just 6.8 points.”

Jaguars will withdrawturning offanger.

CJ Doon The Baltimore Sun: The Jaguars are the only team with a losing record to produce a positive point differential this season, having outscored opponents by 11 points. Quarterback Trevor Lawrence is an above-average quarterback with stellar attributes, and he has a solid set of weapons around him. A weak Jacksonville defense, But he’s not facing the best version of the Ravens offense, especially if Lamar Jackson gets hit hard, all signs point to an upset.

The Ravens offense will get back on track.

Michael David Smith from Pro Football Talk: “The Ravens offense was slow and shaky in last week’s ugly win over the Panthers. I think they’ll right the ship this time.”

Ben Arthur from Fox Sports: The Ravens won their fifth game in a row. The Jaguars have had a dual threat at quarterback this year, but none of Jackson’s level. Pro from injury last week, and was a huge boost to Baltimore’s passing attack. Jacksonville has been inconsistent on defense all season.”

USA Today’s Safid Deen: “Lamar Jackson was sick while Mark Andrews came in from injury last week, and the Ravens barely beat the Panthers last week. They’ll be back to normal, like the playoffs we know they can be, when they visit the Jacksonville Jaguars this week.”

James Ogden from the Russell Street Report: Lamar scrambling is the biggest driving force the Ravens have in their arsenal, and one thing you can see in the movie is that the Jags, even against QBs who are a running back threat, can be a little undisciplined with their fast passes. This discipline got worse with each passing week as They struggle to pick up sacks and get more desperate to go home. That could be a recipe for disaster against Jackson, and it could be a good time for him to test his decision-making on when to leave the pocket, as well as remind the league that his legs still need to be counted.”

ESPN’s Mike DeRocco: Lamar Jackson has run for 100-plus yards 12 times in his career, including twice this season. His career high is 152 yards against Cincinnati in 2019. How important is that? Earlier this season, it was the first time he Giants QB’s have been rushing for 100 yards since 1946 (according to the Elias Sports Bureau). It could be another big day for Jackson on the ground, especially since the Jaguars are under a bit of rim pressure, which should give Jackson plenty of opportunities to get out and take off.”

Jaguars Crows Run game is a defensive game to be a good fight.

Walker: The Jaguars will present a huge challenge to a Baltimore defense that has not allowed an opponent to rush more than 50 yards since Week 7. Travis Etienne is a dynamic runner who averages 5.5 yards per carry and 72.5 yards per game. His 90-degree running back ranks fourth among all running backs. Lawrence (4.8 yards per carry, three touchdowns) is also a threat if left unchecked.Since the trade [inside linebacker Roquan] Smith. he f [Patrick] Queen collected 19 tackles against the Panthers with both of them playing on every defensive snap. Defensive end Calais Campbell and defensive tackle Justin Madubueki are both good running defenders on the inside. The Ravens only allow 4.1 yards per carry, which is seventh best in the league.”

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