Who won the 2022 American and National League Manager of the Year awards?


over the past two decades, The manager’s role has been reduced in Major League Baseball, oftentimes to no more than a low-level employee. Front offices were not satisfied with making managerial decisions and appointed analytical departments to entrust the direction of play, and the staff to be used often had a rough ride on the manager position.


But even in this post-apocalyptic version of baseball, there are resident skippers who manage to bring the occasional spark to the game. Even an ever-declining number of clubs are willing to defer to the experience and credentials of a select few managers.

In honor of those few, these happy few, the almost outdated Manager of the Year award still exists.

How is voting done, and most importantly, when?

It appears to be a formality In light of the World Championships to simply name the opposing managers as Managers of the Year, truly? I mean they did, after all, get to the World Series. But this is not how it works.

The vote for Manager of the Year is done, not by other players or managers, but by voting members of the Baseball Writers Association of America. decisively, Voting ends at the end of the regular season.

Each voting member submits three names: first, second and third place, with five points for the first place vote, three for the second, and one for the third. The manager with the highest score wins the prize.

American League

Terry Francona, Cleveland Guardians

Cleveland Guardians captain, Francona has received the award three times, having brought home the painting in 2013 and 2016. The Guardians won the AL Central against the famous Chicago White Sox, in a 92-70 season that saw them finish in first place for the 11th time in their history.

“The best part about this is It gives me the opportunity to be proud of the people I work withcoaches, baseball operations guys and definitely our players,” Francona says. Everyone talks about culture and things like that. I really think we live it every day, and So I’m really proud. “

Francona received 17 first-place votes and 112 points, He positioned his head and shoulders above the rest of the pack. His closest competitor was Brandon Hyde of Baltimore, with 79 points and nine first-place votes. The eventual World Series winner, Dusty Baker of Houston only had three first-place votes and totaled 31 points.

Returning from the health problems that saw the past two seasons shortened, Francona had to lead a team with the youngest player in baseball and one of the lowest salaries through a highly competitive minefield. Relying on small-ball tactics and a strong point, Francona took his young side to the top of the division, showing that he still had his best coaching days ahead of him.

It doesn’t matter how old you are. It is important how much competition you want And how willing you are to put your team first, before your personal circumstances. For the guys who are still trying to find their footing in our league, it is very surprising that they have always managed to put our team first.”

National League

Buck Showalter, New York Mets

The New York Mets won this award for the first time everwhen Buck Showalter was named to the National Youth Ministry Association. While it’s uncharted waters for the Mets, it’s something of business as usual for Showalter. The veteran captain has now collected his fourth award, joining Tony Larsa and Bobby Cox as the only two directors to do so. Moreover, Showalter won it with the Yankees in 1994, the Rangers in 2004, and the Orioles in 2014, and he is now the only person to win it with four different clubs.

“What a great moment for our organization, coaching staff, ownership, front office, scouting and player development,” said Showalter. “Recognition of our organization means a lot to everyone. Very humble, very honorable.”

The Mets have been in dire straits for several years now, and With a new owner and tons of cash out, they had to win right away. The Pac were brought in and they were given their first berth in the playoffs in six years after they clinched the NL Wild Card spot. With 26 more wins than last season, The Mets finished with 101 wins, second all-time in franchise history.

It wasn’t just plain sailing, however, as the Mets watched the Braves chew a 10.5-game lead to take the division at the last minute, and Both teams were eventually stunned by the rookie Philadelphia Phillies. But in the chaos of the Mets last year, it was Showalter’s job to right the ship.

“Just think I tried to calm the seas a bit and understood that it was very goodsays Showalter. “They did some things to attack our vulnerabilities before I got here. And the To realize that we’re sort of attaching ourselves to a lot of things. If we can get out of our own way, we can have some fun. I think our guys have really been convinced to bring themselves to a high level.”

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