Why did the President’s Cup fans pass the best seats in the house

The scene is on the first tee on Thursday before the final of the opening session.

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Charlotte, North Carolina – IN Presidents Cup Opening Ceremony It didn’t start until just before 1pm on Thursday, but truly The competition started hours ago.

The battle to win a seat in slot runway In Quail Hollow She was in full force as the sun rose over the treetops. The line of fans ran away from the encircled area created by the PGA Tour. In fact, it ran all the way to the training range, about 500 yards.

Their wait was, in theory, for good reason. By getting to the stadium early, spectators were able to secure the gold wristband that also served Thursday as a golden ticket.

Those with a wristband are guaranteed access to the “Progressive Build” – a massive two-level amphitheater that overlooks the first tee box, the supercharged epicenter for any major group golf event. With just over 2,000 seats, DJs and a main view of the spine-tingling opening tee shots, the scene around the first tee box promises to be a good value. Hardcore fans waiting in line knew better not to miss.

“Listen!” One of the volunteers shouted. “When you get to the front of the class, you’ll be given a wristband for the bleaches. The wristband guarantees a seat, but you have to be here. Before the noon. If you are no longer in your seat at noon, your wrist is useless! “

By 10:30, the line had weakened a bit, but it was still at least 100. Security guards were instructed to hand out wristbands to only the first 1,900 fans. There was still 2.5 hours until the first balls were fired, but the teams would definitely run out soon.

In the end, the abundance of line reached through the gates and up the stairs to the seats. But once they got there, it was clear that something was wrong with Quail Hollow’s most desirable seat.

The upper bowl was almost empty. Most people only stood in the lobby for a few minutes before turning around to get to the entrance. Some of the fans who grabbed the seats were clearly uncomfortable with their buttocks touching the plastic.

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It wasn’t hard to deduce the reason for the emigration: Charlotte’s oppressive heat.

One fan of his clothes said, “No regrets, man.” like Uncle Sam. “But shorts would have been a good idea.”

In truth, even shorts wouldn’t have stopped the onslaught of the Thursday morning sun, which brought temperatures into the ’90s and sweltering humidity. The only delay came in the shadows, which is plentiful at Quail Hollow, but not above the first tee box.

However, fans – who turned out about 40,000 on Thursday – faithfully arrived in the stands when it was noon and the first game approached. They just didn’t stay there. After I saw a crowded house Justin Thomas and Jordan Spieth Their opening shots hit in the second game of the day, only half of the fans who stuck to see Morikawa/Young blast off against Kim/Lee. By the time Max Homa and Tony Fino started the final against Taylor Pendrith and Mito Pereira, there were far more seats available than there were occupied.

Most of them took refuge in the shade along the waterway and green, where they can be found with a depth of five and ten along the rope line. But the energy around the tee was surprisingly muted, with only a handful of fans participating in the same cheers and chants that thousands normally give off at the Presidents Cup.

If you’re a ticket holder and looking for your first tee in Quail Hollow, don’t despair just yet! With temperatures expected to return to the 70s and 80s over the next three days, the runway should be at 1 full – and stay that way.

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