With Jordan Spieth revitalizing his career, the 2023 PGA Tour season could set a new standard for success


Love and War, d. When discussing a man’s duplicity in the world of golf, one cannot give meaning to the conversation without at least mentioning the Texas roller coaster.


Since traversing the career valley of 2018-20, when he witnessed the lows of a three-time major champion in his mid-20s, Spieth’s steady rise into the spotlight has been on full display. In 2022, Spieth entered the winner’s circle for the 13th time in his career when he edged out Patrick Cantlay in the RBC Heritage playoff. Two players’ close shots found the green bunker on the first extra hole, and when it was confirmed that Cantlay’s ball had been buried and Spieth was clean, it all secured his only title of the year.

That week in Hilton Head, South Carolina, was just a small snippet of Spieth’s year—and, in a broader sense, his career. He’s shown everything that makes Jordan Spieth, well, Jordan Spieth: bunny shots from impossible angles, slashing sideways when Michael Griller constantly prods, missing one-foot shots (infamously, I might add) and making everyone, himself included, think Heroism is beyond his grasp until it is somehow in the palm of his hand.

“You have a lot of events where you feel like you should have won and somebody outsmarts you or makes you shoot or something like that, and sometimes you have an event where you feel like you played well but not good enough to win and I honestly felt like that was That week,” Spieth said after his victory at Harbor Town. “I needed a lot of stuff to get me right. I needed a birdie 18th and then I needed some help, got some help, dodged a bunch of oncoming bullets and ended up in a two-man playoff where I’m lying in the bunker, though It’s not great, except that it was definitely better than Patrick. Yeah, it’s a bit of a surprise.”

The rest of Spieth’s regular season was relatively less surprising. He followed his win with a runner-up performance to KH Lee in Byron Nelson on his next start before having top ten finishes at the Charles Schwab Challenge, Scottish Open and The Open to round out his year.

A solid Tour Championship finale propelled Spieth into the 2022 Presidents’ Cup at Quail Hollow as the most experienced member of Team USA in the blink of an eye, and the golden boy turned man who was a role model. Achieving a 5-0-0 record at North Carolina, Spieth was perfect alongside Justin Thomas before claiming the first singles victory of his career between the Presidents Cup and the Ryder Cup.

“I think I used my example here in the 2014 Ryder Cup and 2015 season,” Spieth said of the benefit of the President’s Cup performance for the 2023 season. thought Scotty [Scheffler’s] From last year to this year, I don’t want to put the words out of his mouth, but I thought he could probably take advantage of last year’s Ryder Cup trials in his season this season…

“For me, yeah, I’m really excited about the week that was this week,” Spieth continued. “I thought I played some of my best golf this week, and it was really nice to do it with and — you know, team up with these guys… There’s a lot I can count on going into the year.”

Despite this rise, there are still a ways to go for him to get back to his peak in 2015 when he won the Masters, US Open and Tour Championships. This begs the question: what should we expect Spieth 2023 to be like? Is one win, a solid team performance, and a potential run in a major championship the new basis by which we should define success? It’s worth considering how much staying power your new baseline might really have.

The romantic — and maybe even the mess factor — thinks there’s more to it than there could be. The talent pool on the PGA Tour has never been deeper. the above prizes an act Make for a great season at this age. However, for a magician like Spieth who can wave his wand awkwardly at rehearsal and after a few moments, you can’t help but let your mind drift towards the unimaginable.

This season, the PGA Tour will unveil a new schedule that Spieth will be a part of after finishing third in the 2022 Player Impact Program behind only Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy. Playing in a whopping 13 events that will feature the best talent on the circuit, four Grand Slams and a handful of other tournaments, winning is suddenly a tie. more Difficult.

There was no late thought for Augusta, and proving to be one of the great links for golfers of his era, Spieth’s name is expected to appear on the front page of the main leaderboard at least once a year regardless of format. When the PGA Tour travels to Texas, the same presence from the former Longhorn will be assumed.

Perhaps this leads to his first multi-win season since 2017. He may not have had as fresh equipment as he had in the next three years. His name probably jumps next to four-time major champions like McIlroy, Brooks Koepka, Ernie Els and Raymond Floyd. Maybe he does a better job and joins the ranks of Saif Ballesteros and Byron Nelson.

In theory, accomplishing what he did in 2023 in 2022 is worth deeming the season a success. However, golf isn’t played on paper, and Spieth’s forecast for the next 365 days doesn’t belong to him either.


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