With the Jets’ promising season fading away, they need Zach Wilson to bail them out


Imagine this scenario: stuttering New York JetsHowever, after losing their grip on their playoff hopes, they turned the season around with them Zack Wilson Alive over the last three games.


This is a planes dream anyway. Their unexpected entry into the playoffs this season was overshadowed by the struggles of the sophomore quarterback. Rather than have a young star lead them to a winning record, the team sidelined Wilson because they knew it Mike White was an upgrade. Then they had to go back to Wilson when White was injured.

There is still time for Wilson to become a great midfielder – see how Jalen HurtsAnd the Toa Tagovailoa and Josh Allen among others who are off in their third seasons – and a chance for him to finish this season on a very positive note. That starts Thursday night in a massive Jets game against the Altitude Jacksonville Jaguars.

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At 7-7, the Jets could still make the playoffs. They’ll need to start winning, and for that to happen they need Wilson to play well. There is a lot at stake over the past three weeks.

Zack Wilson vs. Trevor Lawrence

This should have been an interesting matchup between the No. 1 and No. 2 overall picks in the 2021 NFL Draft. But the two players are going down much different paths. Trevor Lawrence looks like a star and he was One of the best quarterbacks in the NFL since the beginning of November. Wilson needed White’s injury to get a chance to start against Lawrence.

Wilson started last week vs Detroit Lions And the stats seem to be good. He had 317 yards and two touchdowns. He showed his arm talent in a few plays. But the same old problems remain.

Wilson delivered Terrible objection who seemed to have completely misread the coverage. And he simply wasn’t accurate enough, especially on the easy throws that are a must for any competent NFL quarterback. Wilson was off target with 35.3 percent of his passes last week, even worse than the 35 percent mark he hit against New England Patriots In the game that made him sit on the bench, According to ESPN’s Rich Cimini.

Wilson wasn’t good enough. He can do scrambles when everything falls apart, and that’s when you see his massive athletic talents. But play and play was not static. It seems fairly clear that he didn’t win the locker room either.

On Thursday night, it will be very difficult to see the difference between Wilson and Lawrence as they approach the end of their second seasons. Lawrence has 14 touchdowns and 1 interception over the Jaguars’ last six games. He was dominant in last week’s win over Dallas Cowboys. It’s easy to imagine him winning the Player of the Year award in the next few years.

The Jets never shot Lawrence, so it’s not like he can regret his death or anything. But one team has a bright future with its exciting young midfielder. Airplanes have a lot of questions.

New York Jets quarterback Zack Wilson (2) will start against the Jaguars on Thursday night.  (AP Photo/Adam Hunger)

New York Jets quarterback Zack Wilson (2) will start against the Jaguars on Thursday night. (AP Photo/Adam Hunger)

Aircraft, Jaguar has a lot at stake

Thursday night is a huge game for the Jaguars and Jets.

Jaguars won three of four, and suddenly found themselves in the South Asian Grand Prix. They are 6-8, one game behind 7-7 Tennessee Titans, but beat the Titans once and have a Week 18 game with Tennessee at home. The Jaguars need to stay inside the Titans game through Week 18, and a win over the Jets would be a huge step toward that.

The Jets were in great shape during the game that started 5-2, but continued to slide. They’ve lost four of five since their big win at Buffalo bills Just before the goodbye week. Wilson was benched because the offense wasn’t good and while White made some plays, the Jets didn’t win. White took a lot of punishment two weeks ago in a rematch against the Bills and hasn’t played since.

In a perfect world, Wilson would come back to life starting Thursday night and White wouldn’t start in the Jets again. The Jets’ best-case scenario still involves the second pick in last year’s draft and becoming a star. What they have seen so far has been disappointing. There is still time to transform.

The Jets hope that coincides with them making a late-season push for the playoffs.

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