‘Without pain’ Niklas Backstrom can do normal things like tie his shoes again, optimistic about playing this season

In mid-May after the Washington Capitals were disqualified from the playoffs by the Florida Panthers, ME Niklas Backstrom He gave a handful of official and honest answers about his future – None of them were very optimistic.

A hind thigh injury has caused a lot of questions about whether or not the Swedish playmaker will ever tie his skis again.

Four months later, Backstrom was in a more positive and optimistic mood when he met the local media for the first time this season.

While the 34-year-old did not take part in the team’s fitness tests on day one and has yet to skate, he has found off-season hip surgery to be renewing, allowing him to do things he previously took for granted.

“I think I tried everything else to improve it, [the surgery was] Kind of like a last resort, ‘Backstrom He said. “Unproven technology, I would say to the sport. But I had to do it. I had no other choice. Either that or skate on one leg again.”

He continued, “It was such a life changer for me in everyday life, just to pick up socks, tie my shoes and things like that – and play with my kids.” “I couldn’t do that either. It helped me a lot functionally and I am happy with that.”

The procedure that Backstrom underwent is a complex one He does not have many previous success stories of athletes. he is Outline some of this process to me express Magnus Nystrom in August.

“My hat ball was uneven causing pain,” Backstrom said. “Now the cover ball is cut in half and I have like a metal coat around it. He protects it in the hatch. I feel really good now. We’ll see how it will be when the matches get a lot more intense this winter. It’s really amazing, the stuff they are on.” [the doctors] are able to do. I’m optimistic for the first time in years.”

Sports player Tariq Al-Bashir I mentioned last week That Backstrom was rehab daily with head coach Jason Serpus at MedStar Capitals Iceplex. Veteran Swede Throw in a whole bunch of gear – skis and everything – for team photo shoots at Media Day Wednesday. It is believed to be the first time he has worn snowboard boots since the end of last season.

Coach Peter Laviollette Chat with 106.7 fans sports enthusiasts And back up Backstrom’s claims.

“He feels good from a life standpoint – like he’s moving really well,” Laviolette said. There are checkpoints along the way. Inside the room, coaches work with him, and powerful coaches work with him to try to bring him back to a good level of play. No need to rush into this either. Since it was a material thing, they wanted to make sure they were doing the right things. They are very patient, and very careful with it.”

Backstrom will be joined in the long-term injured reserve by Tom Wilson, another important striker among the top six. Wilson is not close, but it is believed he was well ahead of schedule in his rehab.

He (Wilson) isn’t on the ice here,” said LaViolet. He’s doing a really good job. He moves through the process like Nick. He’s having good days, checking the boxes, and he’s with the coaches and strength coaches. They scored him down the road with the injury. We’re not talking about boot camp here. I’ll tell you they’re doing really well, and they’re working hard every day.

“We are optimistic,” continued the bench chief. “They are in great spirits and train hard every day.”

Banner photo: Elizabeth Kong/RMNB

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