WR Chiefs JuJu Smith-Schuster is ready to be a ‘man all around’ in attack

after, after Join the team in a free agency this off-seasonAnd the Kansas City Chiefs JuJu Smith-Schuster’s early-season play can be broadly described as solid — but not spectacular. After picking up six passes for 79 yards in The victory of the first week Over the Arizona Cardinalsits production decreased in the second week compared to Los Angeles Chargers. Smith Schuster only had three passes for 10 yards in Kansas City Thursday night victory over its competitors in Western Asia.

but the former Pittsburgh Steelers The wide receiver is still not interested in how his new team will use it.

“We talk about this all the time,” Smith-Schuster explained before practice on Wednesday. “Anyone can have the ball. Anyone can do the play – no matter who’s in the position. Just know that when your number is called: Run. That’s what it is.”

“I see myself being the man who–wherever they need me–I’m there to be that man. Inside, out, whatever it may be. If they want me to bar, [I’ll] Come block. If they want me to do this or do that – I will. I’m a comprehensive man.”

Like all recipients who have had success in Kansas City, Smith Schuster understands the importance of mastering all the formations in attacking coach Andy Reed. He also understands that this versatility fits the skills of quarterback Patrick Mahomes – and helps the team prepare for injuries.

“Knowing every position, knowing that Pat can trust you, [and] You know what you have in this way [or] About this play,” he said of the team’s expectations. “If someone falls, you have to fill that void. Just because it’s certain people [package] For a particular player – at the end of the day – everyone should know that situation. Everyone should know that play because you never know when your time is calling.”

He also pointed out that when Mahomes is famous for committing the crime outside the structurethe receivers themselves improvise to help him.

When you defend pat [and] Note, “We’re all defending, trying to find a way to get the ball, pick up the soccer ball, and do the play. That’s just the norm.”

And according to Smith Schuster, such an effort is now the norm due to the time he and his teammates spent playing with the new quarterback throughout his off-season.

“[I am] Very comfortable.” “We have been doing everything around OTAs [and] around the camp. It’s something we do in the game, and I’m not surprised when we score in it.”

Although he has yet to score as chief, the quarterback believes Smith Schuster’s time is coming – and that the team has already benefited from the intangibles of the receiver.

Photo by Michael Reeves/Getty Images

“He’s going to be a great player,” Mahomes predicted in his private comments to the media on Wednesday. “He’s going to have a lot of yards, a lot of touchdowns and everything like that. But the way he can be a captain in that reception room – as someone new to a team – I think he’s going to keep doing that offense and this team is even better, because you have a guy who comes to work. Every day he puts in that work. He will get more and more chances as the season goes on.”

The next opportunity will come on the road on Sunday against Indianapolis Colts. While the Colts struggled 0-1-1 early on, Smith Schuster doesn’t know to take them too seriously, citing his experience against some of their best defensive players – like cornerback Stefon Gilmore and linebacker Shaquille Leonard.

“Although they are struggling now, I think they are a great team,” he responded. “They’re going to have a lot of puzzles – cool bits – that they have in their defense that would be a really good fit, really. I’m excited to take on Gilmore – he’s a guy I’ve come across a few times when I was in Pittsburgh and he’s been in New England. He’s really cool. The center-back – he’s the captain of the team. – He’s been doing that for a long time. I just have to give it to them. We can’t take this match lightly – especially since it’s an away game.”

After Sunday, The Chiefs will begin a series of three nationally televised matches against Tampa Bay BuccaneersThe Las Vegas Raidersand the buffalo bills. Smith-Schuster reiterated that the team’s focus can only be on Sunday’s game with the Colts.

“Honestly, I don’t even know who we have next,” he claimed. “I just know I have the Colts then. Every team is really good. I think you have to take it week by week. I focus on this week alone. The Colts – in Indy – are on our schedule for this week. Once we get past Sunday, then bubble! – We’re in the next stage.”

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