Yes, Eagles are that good. The 49ers face one more QB question; And Mike Tomlin loves to play All-Madden


Division Tour is here! This is a busy and busy time in the NFL calendar as the playoffs heat up at the same time as the offseason for teams not in the playoffs. the Philadelphia Eagles About to enter the fray, there are a few rookie players already contributing and one playoff team has a great decision to make at quarterback in this off-season.


Eagles are super duper good

The Eagles get into the ring and unleash their potential power run against New York Giants. The Eagles have the top seed in the NFC with a 14-3 record, and they earned that record by being the best overall team in the NFL. led Jalen Hurts, a great offensive line and a group of talented, skilled players, the Eagles have firmly cemented their claim of being the team to beat in the NFC – and possibly the entire playoffs. If the Eagles are in their “A” game, They must drive the giants off the field.

In almost every center stack, the Eagles have a leg up, especially this week. Offensive line includes Jordan MailataAnd Jason Kelsey And Lynn Johnson It’s a better trio than most teams have. Devonta Smith and AJ Brown are able to take over the games. Miles Sanders He is a top notch running back. The entire offense is tied together by Hurts, an MVP candidate who has evolved to the point where the Eagles can attach a legitimate passing game to a varied and punishing rushing game. There weren’t many defenses capable of handling this offense and this team should lead to hosting the NFC Championship game against the winning Dallas Cowboys-San Francisco 49ers.

In defence, the only point that could be seen as a weakness is the position of the full-back line, which cost them a game against the leaders earlier this season. The Eagles can run, but they have enough defensive talent to generate explosive, negative plays and keep teams at bay. This is where the Eagles defense can really shine. They have a deep streak, talented and Darius slaughtered And James Bradbury They are closed at cornerback this season. As long as the Eagles can force their opposition to throw, they will be able to unleash the dogs on them. It may be a little difficult to face I will be Barkleybut the Eagles had no problems stomping the Giants when Hurts was healthy in the first game.

Jalen Hurts and Eagles are really good.  (AP Photo/Chris Szagola)

Jalen Hurts and Eagles are really good. (AP Photo/Chris Szagola)

The health of vultures is very important, but if he is ready to take this match, then they have a great chance not only to win, but also to turn the table. The 49ers and Cowboys would be worthy opponents in the next round, but the Eagles are on a different plane of existence than the Giants. This is no small feat for New York, the Eagles are just a juggernaut ready to add a second Super Bowl title to their collection.

And if the Eagles lose, just forget any of that column ever existed. Its existence will not be acknowledged.

Rookies still play a huge role in the playoff race

The NFL playoffs are usually decided by the veterans, but there are a few rookies who will be key to their teams’ chances. Here are some of the little guns that will be important to their team as they try to advance to the Super Bowl:

Kayvon Thibodeau, Edge, Giants

Thibodeaux instantly became one of the best all-around defensive ends in the NFL. Thibodeaux finished his season with four sacks, but that doesn’t reflect his impact on the Giants’ defense. He makes every aspect of the New York defense a little better with this ability to disrupt offensive lines and get into the backfield. Thibodeaux expects to be a big player for the long haul, and the Giants will need him to show that talent to get past the Eagles and possibly make it to the Super Bowl.

George Carlaftis, EDGE, Presidents

Karlaftis has been a key part of the Chiefs’ defensive lines rotation this season, finishing second on the team with six sacks. Karlaftis has been as influential as any rookie hacker this season, and like Thibodeaux projects to be a long-term starter.

Brooke PurdyQB, 49ers

Purdy did what was asked of him and managed to steer the 49ers offense into some explosive outings, including Dawn 41 points against Seahawks On the wild tour. Playing with head coach Kyle Shanahan and an array of Pro Bowl-caliber offensive weapons certainly made his job easier, however irrelevant mr He has been anything but since taking over the starting quarterback position on this team.

Luke FortnerC, Jaguar

Fortner will be crucial to the Jaguars in the divisional round if they want to move past Kansas City. The 65th pick in the 2022 NFL Draft, Fortner has played every offensive snap this season, the only Jaguars player to do so. Jacksonville will live and die on the arm of Trevor Lawrence, so it’s going to need some time to shake off those throws. Fortner has the daunting task of keeping the Chiefs star Chris Jones He’s in the Gulf this weekend, and he could do very well in deciding this matchup.

Brock Purdy (13) owns the 49ers hum and is among the Super Bowl favorites & # x002014;  However, there are two other QBs on the roster who may choose to start over next season.  (AP Photo/Jed Jacobsohn)Brock Purdy (13) owns the 49ers hum and is among the Super Bowl favorites & # x002014;  However, there are two other QBs on the roster who may choose to start over next season.  (AP Photo/Jed Jacobsohn)

Brock Purdy, 13, has a 49ers squad and is a Super Bowl favorite — however, there are two more QBs on the roster who may choose to start over next season. (AP Photo/Jed Jacobsohn)


What’s next for the 49ers at quarterback?

The biggest wild card of the upcoming offseason may be what the 49ers do with their quarterbacks Tri Lance. Suddenly they get into a quarterback argument with three signal callers who seem to be able to run the offense. bayonet, Jimmy Garoppolo and Purdy all have viable arguments for being the starters next season. It really depends on which roster-building path the 49ers take.

Purdy is the cheapest option the 49ers can handle. He signed a four-year, $3.7 million contract extension with the 49ers after being the last pick in the draft. He ran the offense to the point where the 49ers scored over 40 points in the playoffs, but it’s fair to wonder what his ceiling is in the NFL and if he can continue to be that guy in the future. Garoppolo is the solid hand and center fielder with whom they have had the most success during Shanahan’s career as head coach. Lance has the highest physical height of the three, but he hasn’t played significant shots since he was a sophomore at North Dakota State – in 2019. The 49ers traded three first-round draft picks for the right to pick Lance, but he still Completely anonymous.

The 49ers have an interesting problem. they don’t need to Most talented player on their list to match. Shanahan has basically made the 49ers offense against a QB and they’re loaded with playmakers at every position. If the 49ers wanted to try and redeem some of their draft picks from the Lance trade, he could still get enough intrigue around the league that they could get a first-round pick in exchange for him.

However, if Lance is the guy who allows the 49ers to truly destroy defenses for a decade, perhaps they should give him another chance to see if he can be a quarterback for them franchise. Everyone knows what that offense looks like when Garoppolo and Purdy run it – good enough to be a Super Bowl contender. However, Lance is at his best may be giving the 49ers more margin for error on offense due to his physical capabilities. It’s a good problem, because of Shanahan’s presence, but it’s a problem nonetheless.

At the very least, they have one of the best backup quarterbacks in the league with Purdy. Expectations for the 49ers no matter who they are under the position will always be high, but the prospect of them meeting those expectations might be easier if Lance is the starter.

Lance, Garoppolo, Purdy. That is the question for the 49ers. There doesn’t seem to be a completely wrong answer here, it just depends on how much of a risk the 49ers are willing to be in the most important position on the team. They’re in the rare position of being able to take a big swing down the middle (Lance), stick with what they know (Garoppolo) or ride hot hand (Purdy). This is a quarterback decision that could change the NFL landscape.

Mike Tomlin loves to play on the All-Madden Channel

Pittsburgh I decided to retain the services of MAT Canadawhich aroused anger Steelers Fans across the country this week. Canada hasn’t had much success in the NFL, but Pittsburgh isn’t really a team making huge changes, so he’ll get another chance to prove his philosophy on the Steelers and Kenny Pickett, a potential quarterback.

Head coach Mike Tomlin seems to be addicted to grinding. You don’t have to live like this, Mike! You can find an offensive coordinator who will make your life easier! There’s only one way to explain this decision: Mike Tomlin likes to play games with a hard time knowing what he can achieve along the way. Tomlin has yet to endure a losing season in the NFL and now looks like he’s seeing if he can keep that streak alive amid impossible odds.

Is it possible? Of course, this is Tomlin’s team. The Steelers could finish 10-7 with a 1,000-point lead, but it doesn’t have to be that hard. Canada is a serviceable college offensive coordinator, but his success with the Steelers has been lacking. Tomlin just needs to play this game on All-Madden.

Having Pickett with another year in offense might help things, but there really is more to nibble on than what the Steelers get under Canada. Lower the difficulty, Mike. That’s it.

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