Yohe’s Ten Notes: Penguins throw a game-changing hit


Pittsburgh – birthplace of a number of visits – some legal some not – the way to notice to defeat penguins In last season’s Classic First Round series.


One hit back from the Beautiful Penguins in their first meeting with the Rangers since May.

Richard Raquel He brought the sleeping Penguins back to life with a game-changing hit as the Penguins woke up and gave the Rangers a 3-2 setback.

Evgeny Malkin And the Brian Rust He scored in the second period to give the Penguins a lead they never relinquished. Sidney Crosby He scored the winning goal in the match to continue his exceptional play.

Chris Kreider New York scored.

Through more than 30 minutes of play, Rangers were in complete control. They enjoyed most of the good looks, played the Penguins on occasion, hit the post twice and were totally in control of this game.

Then, Raquel decorated Philip Shettle.

The penguins unanimously believe that Raquel’s blow on Chitelle changed everything.

“I sure did.” Marcus Peterson He said. “I was actually disappointed that we didn’t come out with more energy in this game. We’re playing the team that beat us last year, you know?

Later in this very shift, Raquel concedes a penalty kick from Candy Miller.

On the next power play, Rakell set the screen Igor Shesterkin that led to Malkin’s goal.

Rakell has been with the Penguins for nearly a year, yet his physical play still surprises the Penguins from time to time.

Did they expect him to be such a complete player?

“No,” Chris Letang He said. “We all knew him for his skill, his shooting and his playmaking ability.”

However, there are times in the game when Rakell is a hit.

“He’s eclectic about it,” said Mike Sullivan.

Chose correctly tonight.

“The game didn’t go our way at first,” Letang said. “A play like that gives you juice, gives you momentum. It was nice to see Rake get so physically invested.”

After this blow, the previously calm crowd began chanting “Igor, Igor” in an attempt to beat the goalkeeper.

Whether this worked is something only Shesterkin knows. But there is little doubt that he lit the penguins’ fuse.

“I really did,” Peterson said. “He always had that kind of side to his game. It was huge.”

Ten post-game ideas

• What a difference when Jason Zucker in lineup.

Zucker returned to action after missing two games with a lower body injury. The Penguins said Zucker would be out “week to week” last Wednesday. Six days later, he returned.

For most of Tuesday’s game against the Rangers, the Penguins have been flat as pie. The only skater for the Penguins who wasn’t dead from the start of the evening was Zucker.

“We were dragged into the fight,” Sullivan said.

The word “energy” is a bit overused in hockey, but in Zucker’s case, it can never be used enough. He inspects with a purpose. It’s fast. It’s direct. He is not afraid. He plays with an edge.

The Penguins are a more effective team when they are in the lineup. This is not debatable.

• Seriously, what a player Raquel is.

Step back and look at the pass he made Jake Guentzel on Crosby’s goal. I made the whole play.

There is nothing this guy doesn’t do well. Ron Hextall didn’t have to give up a first-round pick to get him either. It keeps getting better and better. Raquel is the real deal.

• When Rust scored to give the Penguins a 2-1 lead late in the second period, restraint was required.

Rust has just been settled Ryan Lindgren About what should have been called the comprehensive review.

Immediately upon reaching the sled after being knocked down, Rast begins to charge towards Lindgren only to be tied up by Caspri Kabanin. Credit to Kapanen for preventing the brawl.

And thanks to Rust for some of the design you’d expect from him.

• Late in the third period, Crosby and Guentzel were on the ice when Shesterkin was pulled, as usual.

However, the shift was long gone, and after the whistle, Sullivan put Malkin on the ice with her Jeff Carter Because he wanted two centers on the ice.

Malkin isn’t always known for his attention to detail in the defensive area, but he was exceptional at this turnaround. He made two plays to tie the Rangers forward along the boards, killing valuable time. His strength was very clear.

I like his game so much now. It reduced employee turnover and bad penalties. Malkin is playing a smart game at the moment.

• The penguins are just as awesome in most first periods. Otherwise, how can you say that?

They couldn’t do anything right in the first 20 minutes of this match. It was painful to watch. The Rangers skated circles around the Penguins during that period and it was very easy for them to lead by two or three goals.

The Penguins are lucky they only trailed by a goal in the middle of the game, honestly.

I think the Rangers, who were playing their third game in four days, just lost steam. I also think the penguins have woken up in a big way, and they deserve credit. However, they may want to launch games a little faster. It’s definitely a problem and it’s been all season.

Tristan Garyanyone?

We apologize to the goalkeeper for not mentioning him earlier in this article. With all due respect to the many penguins that played well in this game, Gary was their most important player.

Rangers had plenty of first-class looks throughout the evening, especially in the first half of the game. Gary has only lost twice and is now 11-0-1 in his last 12 starts. Maybe this is locked in as we’ve seen it.

It hurts to say to Penguins fans, I know, but it makes you wonder how the May playoff series would have turned out if Gary had been healthy all seven games. that the series would not have lasted seven games if he had been available.

• Crosby was strangely quiet at the start of the game, like the rest of his team.

But when he turned it on, he turned it on and was easily the best player on the ice.

His goal was beautiful and it was his 16th goal of equal power this season. No NHL The player has more equal strengths than Crosby, who continues to play at MVP level.

His tenacity on the forward check was something to be seen in the third period.

• The NHL standings are also something to see.

Especially the arrangement of the division of the capital.

There are 10 NHL teams with 40 or more points, and four of them reside in the D.C. Division. Six of the 13 best teams in the NHL are in the Penguins division.

Hockey players often say they don’t look at the standings, but the Penguins admit the obvious.

“I look at them every day,” Letang said. “It’s too tight.”

Peterson does the same.

“It’s unbelievable how good this division is,” said Peterson. “You have a losing streak like we did earlier in the season, and before you know it, there’s a gap and you’re right behind people.”

• Trocheck received a lot of buzz this summer while an unrestricted free agent.

Had Malkin left Pittsburgh, which briefly felt possible, Trocheck was very much on the Penguins’ radar as a replacement. Some fans have been complicit about this possibility.

It’s not Malkin quality!

Well, no, it isn’t. I can’t believe anyone has claimed this to be true. But let’s not underestimate what a career path Trocheck has had. Over 34 games, he scored 11 goals and 27 points with the Rangers. In his career, Trocheck has scored 161 goals and 405 points in 589 NHL games. He was named an NHL All-Star in 2017. His career scoring 0.69 points per game put him in the right range JT Miller (0.70) f Brandon Saad (0.58) is among the three great forwards in the Pittsburgh area who were all drafted in 2011.

Take your pick, but they’ve all been stellar players in the NHL. And just because Troczyk isn’t Malkin doesn’t mean he isn’t a really good player, because he is.

• Crosby visited Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh on Monday, something he does regularly without any publicity.

I have never known anyone whose reputation correlates directly with the actual person he or she is. I firmly believe Crosby is a better human being than he is a hockey player. Let that sink in.

(Photo by Ricard Raquel and Evgeny Malkin: Charles LeClair/USA Today)

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